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Materials for FAIRWAY clay: Fairway porcelain was made by Refine Kaolin porcelain and high quality enamels,  the formular of our hotel porcelain contains some percentage for oxidized aluminium which can make the porcelain body strong.so these refined clay is good for made high quality fine hotel porcelain,and will very suitable and very strong for hotel use.

Materials for FAIRWAY glaze: our hotel porcelain for above 2 materials all for hotel use which we have put pecial formula in the glaze to increase the scratching resistance.Firing temperature for FAIRWAY porcelain: our hotel porcelain firing as high temperature as 1360-1380 centigrade which will make the clay solid and strong which can stand the scratching resistance.

Thermal shock resistance of FAIRWAY porcelain: According to our material and formular for our hotel porcelain which we mentioned above , and our hotel porcelain firing by the way of oxidation. the material and firing in such way will have stability during the exchanging proceeding of coldness and hotness, which will not so easily cracked. Lead and cadmium free for these hotel porcelain, so FDA and 65 regulations no problem